Our Projects

These are ongoing projects at Elmbridge Mencap

Sensory Garden

We have been raising funds for over 4 years to create a sensory garden and were able to open it at the end of August 2022. Our aim is to provide a safe, restful and stimulating environment for our clients and, eventually, for others in the community who would enjoy the space.
We were fortunate to receive a donation which enabled us to buy suitable musical instruments which have already proved immensely popular with everyone who goes into the garden. We also utilised fallen trees from our wood for a wood sculptor to create some unique pieces, both free standing and fixed to an end wall, and included a water feature.
The garden contains colourful trees, shrubs, and plants which are also good to touch and smell, in raised beds, accessible to wheelchairs via wide pathways.
Over time we have added items to provide new interest, and like any garden, the plants and shrubs need continuous care and replacement. We also have raised planters ready, to be used by the Clubs and Day Service to grow their own plants and vegetables.
So, the fundraising will continue to maintain the garden and continue to add to the enjoyment of all. You can help by giving a straight donation, or by buying a brick. Bricks cost £25 for (2 x 16 characters) or £50 for (4 x 16 characters). Please contact the office on 01932 221304 for information.

Day Service

Elmbridge Mencap were pleased to be able to start a new Day Service in November 2022 running for three days a week. Clients can attend full days or half days, including lunch, and if necessary, can bring a PA.
Our aim is to use all our facilities with many different activities for those with learning disabilities in Elmbridge. The Service is run by a Manager and Support Assistants, employed by Elmbridge Mencap, all with extensive experience and qualifications. They are dedicated to providing an environment and a planned programme of experiences which are fun, stimulating, and help clients with learning life skills.
Activities during any day can include short physical exercise, craft work, music, cooking and spending time in a sensory environment. Contact Val Wisdom, the Day Services Manager for further details on 07593 746185 or email her at elmbridgemencap@gmail.com