About Elmbridge Mencap

About Elmbridge Mencap


Elmbridge Mencap works at a local level for the benefit of people with learning disabilities and their parents/carers in Elmbridge and the surrounding areas. We offer practical help and advice to enrich the lives of all people with a learning disability. We are a registered charity run by a board of voluntary trustees.

Although affiliated to Royal Mencap in our aims, we do not receive any financial support from the national organisation. As an independent charity we raise our own funds to support our work in our community.

The Elmbridge Mencap Story

In 1946 the late Judy Fryd (31 October 1909 – October 2000), a mother of a daughter born with a learning disability, formed “The Association of Parents of Backward Children” (which later became Mencap) along with three other mothers. She later received the M.B.E. for her services to Royal Mencap.

The name of this group was changed in 1955 to “The National Society for Mentally Handicapped Children” and, later, the word Adults was added. 1955 was also the year that the Walton and Weybridge branch, later to become Elmbridge Mencap, was formed by Elsie and Tom Baker who lived in Walton-on-Thames.

Our first Burview Hall was built in 1967 with support and funding from local schools and businesses.

Our current Hall was built in 2000 and is leased from Walton Charities. It is a fantastic, purpose-built facility in which we provide leisure activities for everyone, at all levels of learning and physical disability.

Find out more about our history

    We help enrich the lives of all people with learning disabilities

  • Our Mission

    There is still so much to do so that people with a learning disability have the same rights as everyone else and are treated equally in society.

  • Our Values
    • • We are passionate about making the world a better place
    • • We are inclusive of everyone
    • • We are brave and try new things

Burview hall

Our purpose-built facility
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Meet the team and volunteers

Elmbridge Mencap is mainly run by volunteers who devote a lot of time to running the charity and fundraising through organising Christmas Fairs, Jumble Sales and Cinema Nights. A number of staff are employed to assist with the running of the hall, club organisation and management of the Day Service.